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An all in one solution to Website Hosting, Invoice Management and Project Organisation.

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An All In One Solution.

ModuleSystems is an all in one solution for websites, projects and companies. With a powerful core you can build websites, forums and stores, all from one portal. With an easy to use interface that is stunning, managing your project has never been easier!

Everything. One Portal.

Take a look at what ModuleSystems has to offer!

Website Designer
A drag and drop builder, allowing anyone to create a personal website hassle free!
Create interactive forums for your members to communicate with one another.
Status Monitoring
Get the insides of how your machine is running with a powerful status monitoring module.
Billing Manager
A powerful payment management software allowing you to see every aspect of your project.
Game Server Hosting
Deploy and manage game servers in an instant, hooked straight into your portal!
Digital Downloads
Set-up download portals and allow your users to download your resources!

Why ModuleSystems.

Take a look at why you should move to Module.

All of our plans have been designed to be affordable by everyone. With our Core you pay for what you want!
Simple Yet Breathtaking
We've designed ModuleSystems to be simple to use yet still has a breathtaking interface to manage your project on!
Dedicated Support
Get the insides of how your machine is running with a powerful status monitoring module.

* Some modules have a free version, however, you have the option to upgrade to a premium tier.
Higher tier modules will be charged at the start of every month.



Take a look at what's currently in the works!
Status Monitoring

An in depth Status Monitoring module allowing you to see all aspects and detailed performance graphs of your servers. Simply hook up your machine with our easy to use installer!

Status Monitoring
Website Manager

The Website Designer is a powerful tool that allows you to setup your website exactly how you want it. With multiple tools and an easy interface, personalising your website is hassle free.

Module Manager

The Module Manager allows you to choose and manage your current Modules installed onto your space. From here you can take complete control with what software is installed onto your space.

Website Builder

The Website Builder, a powerful tool that gives you the ability to design your website code free! With an easy to use drag and drop interface structuring your website couldn't be any easier!

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